We offer leaders, professionals and high-talented individuals various seminars to sharpen their leadership skills and fast track their careers.

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Current Seminars

Emotional Intelligence - Sharpen Your Leadership Skills
Master Your Emotions


Be the calmest person in the room when everyone else is losing it!  Research shows us that a well-balanced set of emotional and social skills are critical for success today.

Every member of your team is carrying your company's brand every time they engage with someone.  How much can you rely on them to do justice to your brand, or are you running the risk of them blowing it?

This 5 x 1-hour seminar is an overview on how to make EQ work for you.  See upcoming dates here.

Executive Presence - Gain Trust & Respect to Lead
Stand Apart


Shape your presence and gain an edge to stand apart from the rest.


Does your Leadership Presence telegraph that people are in the presence of someone who is in charge or deserves to be?  Does your image and output signal that you have what it takes, that you're star material?

This 3 x 1-hour seminar will give you insight into how you can make some changes to get the respect and trust you need to lead, and to fast track your career.  See upcoming dates here.



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