"The best way to predict the future
is to create it."
~ Abraham Lincoln ~


Recruitment Coaching

What is Recruitment Coaching

Recruitment Coaching is a 3 to 6 month process to support newly placed candidates to hit the ground running and deliver value from day 1.


Benefits of Recruitment Coaching

After a supportive recruitment process, candidates enter the new work environment alone.  Although there are often excellent induction programmes at companies, new employees may have individual challenges transitioning into their new role.  A SOVEREIGN Recruitment Coach can assist the new recruit to bridge the gap between placement and high performance delivery.

Recruitment Coaching can :

  • Provide an extraordinary level of support and encouragement to help candidates transition into their new roles quicker and with more ease;

  • Focus on enhancing development areas from the outset, enabling the candidate to enter the new environment from a stronger position;

  • Place emphasis on delivery of role responsibilities and KPAs

  • Listen and coach candidates through times of anxiety and tension, assisting them to solidify relationships and taking their best to their new employer.

Why Sovereign Partners

Apart from the above, at SOVEREIGN we partner with our candidates, also supporting them in, amongst others, the following ways : 

  • Pick up on development issues highlighted through a recruitment assessment process, and immediately begin to work on issues which may sabotage the candidate in his/her new role;

  • Do additional psychological and competency Psychometric Assessments to determine development areas, which, when enhanced, will fast track candidates careers;

  • Success today is dependent on a well-balanced level of Emotional Intelligence.  At SOVEREIGN we will guide the candidate along our EQ Development Programme to enhance their social and emotional acuity in the workplace and beyond;

  • Guide the candidate along a process to solidify and enhance their Leadership & Executive Presence, ensuring they make their mark from day one.


Solidify Careers ... Fast Track Optimal Delivery 


Cost To Company

Below R800,000

12 Sessions @ R22,272


Cost To Company

R800,000 - R1,500,000

12 Sessions @ R25,986


Cost To Company

Above R1,500,000

12 Sessions @ R29,700



Seta Accredited

Leadership, Management & Professional Development Academy