Individual Workshops

The Professional Individual Workshops are designed as intense and highly focused powerful 2-hour individual working sessions, resulting in instant clarity and implementable solutions. 


These sessions are conducted at an individually arranged place, date and time.


Titles Include :


  • Unburden & Refocus … move from overload to clarity

  • Time Management … maximise productivity to get more done in less time

  • Individual Strategy Session … set clear targets and pen a plan

  • Breakthrough … shift from being stuck to seeing the way forward again

  • Decision Making … get clear on which way to go

  • Dilemma … gain insight to solve your predicament

  • Happiness … make a living to live … discover and pen a happiness plan for you

  • Collaboration … improve motivation and enhance engagement from people

  • Goal Directed Therapy … imbed your goal into every part of your being

  • Who Are You – Know Your Strengths … identify and implement your core strengths into every part of your life

  • Who Are You – Know Your Purpose … identify and implement your purpose into your life

  • Who Are You – Know Your Needs … identify and fulfil your needs in every part of your life

  • Who Are You – Know Your Values … identify and live according to your values in every part of your life

  • Self Belief … change non-serving beliefs

  • Value Proposition … determine your unique selling point and pen your value-add statement

  • Concept Design ... get clarity of distance to pen your concept



For more information or to schedule a Professional Individual Workshop, kindly contact Lynelle here.  Once we’ve arranged a mutually convenient time and place, kindly complete the booking form on the link alongside and fax is through to us on 086 648 9644.

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