“Having a Corporate Coach means you have arrived, you’re a rising star and worth investing in for the future … having a corporate Coach is acknowledged in the global arena as a badge of honour!”


Individual Coaching

A personal one-to-one approach to develop personal effectiveness.

Team Coaching

A group approach to develop cohesive, high-performing teams.

Corporate Coaching

What is Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching is one of the most effective approaches to bring about sustained change in individuals and teams.  It is an invested engagement, either on a one-to-one or group level, aligning activities of employees with the strategic direction of the organisation.


In South Africa, organizations are feeling the effects of skills shortages greatly.  Through training, education and also coaching, employees are developed and upskilled to contribute effectively to the organisations in which they work.  Coaching has proven itself as an effective tool to enhance performance and has, since 2002, become a primary development and transformational modality in the private and public sectors.


One-to-one coaching programmes can help employees work more effectively towards results to get more done in less time through greater clarity, focus and directed activity.  It is an acceptable form of training as part of employees’ Personal Development Plans and can also form part of an organisation’s Workplace Skills Plan for purposes of Skills Development claims.


The neuro-scientific brain-based approach to coaching used at SOVEREIGN, is a proven model, developed by the NeuroLeadership Group, that affects sustained desired change.  We aim to bring the strategic vision of an organisation alive through creating a highly functional system.


Through coaching we engage with individuals and teams to strengthen the organisational chain ... one link at a time.


Organisations that invest in coaching for its emloyees are typically organizations that :


  • promote accountability;

  • are willing to invest in its employees to, amongst others, assist them during processes of change management, mergers and/or down-sizing, helping them to work through the uncertainties of change;

  • are committed to staff development to help under-performers increase their effectiveness, help achievers get to the next level and assist individuals to improve their leadership skills;

  • value well-balanced staff, therefore allowing employees to gain a greater work-life balance; and

  • want its teams to achieve their goals.

Benefits of Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching assists employees to :


  • expand thinking;

  • enhance potential;

  • develop skills;

  • improve interpersonal competencies;

  • improve emotional intelligence; and

  • change behaviour.


These changes lead to the development of highly efficient individuals and teams. 

Through the process of Coaching, it can be expected for : 


  • positive change to occur through changed thinking;

  • employees to achieve more than they realised they could;

  • people to develop on a personal level;

  • various skills to be developed;

  • individual performance and effectiveness to increase; and

  • team performance and morale to strengthen, thereby impacting positively on organisational culture.

Why Sovereign Partners

At SOVEREIGN we believe each individual is highly instrumental in contributing to the overall success of the organisation.  We, therefore, engage with organisations to strengthen each link in the organisational chain.



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