"Toiling away in obscurity
and hoping the world will
notice, has never been
a sound strategy"
~ Harrison Monarth ~

Executive Presence

Step up and be significant. Elevate your game to make a difference and have impact in our world.


Leadership Presence telegraphs you have what it takes to lead, to go first and show the way.  It is that factor that enables you to :

  • Stand out

  • Ooze confidence that inspire others to follow

  • Command respect that will people sit up when you speak

  • Let people trust your opinion

  • Let people feel when you enter a room

  • Have an enhanced reputation and raised profile

  • Persuade and influence people

We have a duty to lead ourselves immaculately and present ourselves in the most powerful way.

Apart from being an expert in your field (or at least diligently working towards gaining expertise), a leader with presence is expected to be integrous, confident, have courage and be decisive.  Such a leader must be fully authentic and present in his engagements and have the ability to present himself convincingly and compellingly to the world.  He needs to have vision and be able to communicate that vision in a passionate way, always able to express his ideas and thoughts in a constructive and socially acceptable way, staying tactful and mindful of the impact.

There are four main areas of focus when Leadership Presence is approached :

  1. Gravitas – how you act

  2. Communication – how you speak

  3. Appearance – how you look

  4. Signature Voice – what makes you different

Your Signature Voice is earned and comes after you have successfully mastered showing up meticulously, communicating courteously and conducting yourself honorably.

Executive Presence.png

Does your Leadership Presence do you justice?


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