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Lynelle Smith BA (Comm & Ind Psych), BA Hons (Psych), PDCHyp (UK), ICF

Psychometrist | Personal & Professional Coach | Executive Partner™​

In 1991 I graduated with a BA (Communications & Industrial Psychology).  During my 4-year stay in London I completed my Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, and practiced as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from the London Medical Centre in Harley Street, London for 2 years.  I returned to South Africa in 2001 and have since also graduated with a BA Hons (Psychology).  I am a Licensed NLP Practitioner trained by NLP developer, Richard Bandler, and am currently established as an HPCSA registered Psychometrist, Personal & Professional Coach, and Executive Partner™, offering sessions in both English and Afrikaans.  Even though I prefer to coach face-to-face, I also offer tele-and video call sessions to clients globally.  I continually train following a recognised ICF (International Coach Federation) credential pathway to strengthen my coaching capabilities.

Having attended art school and danced professionally for years, I subsequently worked in strong Financial and Investment Banking environments in South Africa and in Europe.  With more than 2,500 hours individual coaching experience, I continue my work to bring about positive change in leaders using a Neuro-Scientific Brain-Based approach to coaching.  Typical clients include Executives, Senior Management, Professional Individuals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.


My passion is to help clients develop a balanced level of Emotional Intelligence to enhance their Leadership Presence.


I render my services to high level individuals living demanding lives.  Partnering with High Profile Individuals, Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Corporate Environments, I support them on various levels within their demanding work and personal environments.

Lynelle Smith



Seta Accredited

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