Why Us

Being strategically inclined, we are good at sorting through the clutter and find the best route. 

This way of thinking allows us to see patterns where others simply see complexity, playing out alternative scenarios to pre-empt and evaluate potential obstacles.  With a strategic solution-focused mindset we have the ability to help clients discard paths that lead nowhere, enabling them to arrive at the best way forward.

  • We have the ability to sort through clutter, see patterns and find the best route

  • We have the ability to anticipate problems and solutions, and plan the best way forward

  • We are good at putting ideas and thoughts together, conceptualising ways forward

We want to make a difference in the lives of each of our clients. 

Our work is a way of life ... constantly inspiring, driving and motivating others around us.  From wanting to be significant ourselves, we not only keep pulling ourselves upwards, away from the mediocre toward the exceptional, but we inspire that in our clients too.  We want our clients to make a significant impact in this world and encourage them therefor to become leaders, in turn touching lives of others, in their every walk of life.

  • We aim to develop people of stature ... admirable ... significant to others

  • We form meaningful relationships with our clients, preparing them for greatness

  • We revere in our clients' success!

We provide a structured process within which we help clients find direction and identify a clear destination.

Our ability to keep focused enable us to keep clients on track and on point.  This focus in turn help our clients to work more effectively towards results to get more done in less time through greater clarity and directed activity.  We keep track of our clients' progress, inspiring them to stay the course with their eyes fixed on the end goal.

  • We help clients find direction and set the destination

  • We keep our clients focused, on track and on point so that they may achieve more faster.

If every year is a marble, how many marbles do you have left? How many sunrises, how many opportunities to rise to the full stature of your being?
~ Joy Page ~
Committed to Learning
We love learning ... we are always drawn to the process of learning.

The journey from ignorance to competence energises and entices us.  This ability enables us to thrive in dynamic work environments with our clients, collating information to create powerful learning experiences for them.

  • We are eager to learn new facts, skills and knowledge, passing it on to our cliens

  • We collate information, create and deliver Training-Coaching processes for our clients

  • We thrive in dynamic work environments where we take on short project assignments in which we are expected learn a lot about a new subject matter in s ahort period of time.

Driving Achievement
We strive to help our clients reach higher … away from the mediocre towards the exceptional.

Our passion is to help people pursue their dreams and ambitions with courage and drive and will assist them to accomplish, develop and achieve more, faster.  We are committed and will work tirelessly to push our clients to achieve their successes, and once their objectives are reached, we want them to start reaching higher … all over again!

  • We work tirelessly to help our clients succeed

  • We inspire clients to move away from the mediocre towards the exceptional

  • We partner with our clients, walking the road to success with them.

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From Life Itself ...
... Lynelle Smith

Having attended art school with a major in Ballet, Lynelle has, as part of her dancing career, performed many leading roles in some of South Africa’s major theatres.  At a young age already she realized that rising to the top takes a positive attitude, perseverance, discipline and hard work.  These values are today well entrenched in SOVEREIGN.  Apart from her great interest in the performing arts, she has also always had an innate ability to bring a sense of calmness to environments whilst being encouraging and supportive at the same time.  This, together with her passion for helping people unfold their unique capabilities with vigor, has driven her to develop a career where she can help people make their mark and be significant, striving courageously to reach their objectives.  These qualities are the basis from which we, at SOVEREIGN, work.

The essence of SOVEREIGN is 'to bring comfort'.  Not only do we bring a sense of calmness into clients' demanding worlds, or a sense of relief upon achievement, but we also strive to enrich the lives of our clients and strengthen their businesses so that comfort may be the result of their successes.

Our strength lies in being :

  • Naturally Strategic

  • Committed Learners

  • Significant Change Agents

  • Achievement Revering

  • Focused!



Seta Accredited

Leadership, Management & Professional Development Academy