Significant Leadership Development Governance Coaching
We strive to establish strong Self Leadership in clients.

About Us

Sovereign Partners ("SOVEREIGN") is a leadership development business, providing an array of complementary services to facilitate growth on a personal and business level.

Established from a desire to help individuals and organisations realise their full potential, SOVEREIGN :


  • offers a full range of Psychometric services to assess individuals and diagnose organisations;

  • offers a Coaching service to support, encourage and develop individuals and teams;

  • offer Business Support to assist high level individuals with execution of strategic projects; and

  • offer Organisational & Business Development services to help businesses transform and develop into highly functional and profitable entities.


We help clients to powerfully govern their lives to become people of stature ... people who portray a noble character, exude an inner strength and ooze a confident secure presence.


Developing people of stature for

significant ethical leadership.



Seta Accredited

Leadership, Management & Professional Development Academy