"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."
~ Jack Welch ~


Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is the most personal form of professional development, providing sustained outcomes with regards to skills development, leadership abilities and general well-being.  It’s a one-to-one informal time and cost effective leaning-by-doing development tool that improves personal effectiveness, emotional intelligence, motivation, morale and responsibility.


The focus of Executive Coaching is to transform the quality of the leader’s work and personal life – from line management to senior executive.  In focusing on the leader’s work life, issues such as management, leadership and skills development, executive strategic planning, problem solving and building top performing teams are addressed, whereas the personal side oftentimes revolve around interpersonal development, personal change and transformation.


Today, Executive Coaching is increasingly forming a powerful part of a corporate solution for strategy maintenance and performance enhancement.


Executive Coaching is a high level conversation with a focus on problem solving, dilemma management, breakthroughs and personal development


Benefits of Executive Coaching

Many executives are in the gripe of turbulent stress, face enormous demands and oftentimes risk derailment because of interpersonal relationship problems, failure of business objectives, incapacity to generate and sustain high-performing teams or an inability to adapt and adopt to transitional change.


We have found that executives often have very few opportunities for continued development, of which personal development regularly rank last.  Senior executives are frequently isolated from feedback and experience the top echelon as a lonely place.


Executive Coaching can :


  • develop essential skills, attitudes and behaviours to improve work performance;

  • increase current performance and effectiveness through developing executive competencies;

  • develop competencies and clarify expectations for future career enhancement; and

  • help the executive strive towards realizing his larger work and/or personal agenda.

Why Sovereign Partners

We not only assist leaders to improve communication, management and leadership skills, work though dilemmas, encourage innovation, clarify the strategic direction and manage stress, but we also act as an objective sounding board and offer an empathetic relationship, providing the executive with a safe, confidential space to share.


Offering tactfully but brutally honest detached advice and feedback, we aim at annihilating areas of mediocrity, leveraging the executive’s innate strengths and talents to achieve excellence.



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