Some Comments From Clients

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Lynelle was observant and non-judgmental.  She was clear and specific with her feedback about my actions and their consequences.  This allowed me to evaluate my own performance and then work on improvements by applying the tools, feedback and composure traits.  Lynelle shared with me.  She not only coached me to improve in my professional space, but also in my personal space.  I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and I'm very appreciative of the self-awareness and knowledge acquired through the coaching journey.

Sanjeev J
Bank Manager

Lynelle's coaching has given me an opportunity to further recognise, articulate and act on my greatest strengths, whilst working on my development areas.  The platform provided an open and safe space for discussions and learnings.  I strongly recommend these sessions as the support, giving, sharing and guidance has been one of the most added value leadership contributions I have experienced.

Linda R


Lynelle is a very professional coach who understood the value in enhancing cognitive & psychological thinking patterns that invoke powerful emotional attachments to the things that mattered to me.  Lynelle is excellent at deepening ones connection to goals & dreams while validating the journey.

Garth S

General Manager

Working with Lynelle has been life changing.  She has enlightened me on a number of aspects, and awareness techniques that I required or lay dormant, as well as assisting with re-organising my personal admin.  She has assisted me with re-focusing my career and self worth in my position.  She has been trustworthy, encouraging and patient in all our dealings.

Lee J


I think everyone who aspires for great things should have Coach.  Lynelle guided me to reflect on how I presented myself in my work environment, in order to be taken seriously.  Enhancing my Executive Presence reached far beyond my physical appearance – we looked at my level of knowledge and skill, the way I conduct myself, and how I engage with others.  This process enabled me to stand my ground more comfortably when I needed to, and present a new idea with more conviction.  I feel I am honoring, not only me, but also the people I engage with as I have come to take pride in who I am, how I show up in the workplace, and how I engage with colleagues and clients.  This has brought a huge turn-around in the results and responses I’ve been getting from others.  Lynelle is an exceptional professional whom I recommend highly.

Lerato D

Director - Earth Observations

I had the privileged of receiving professional coaching from Lynelle when I needed support and guidance to make an important career change. Lynelle assisted me to look at my career objectives as part of a broader set of personal objectives. This helped me to look for a role that would help me achieve not only my career objectives but also other important personal aspirations Through Lynelle’s coaching and guidance I managed to take on a new role in the UAE. Lynelle is an exceptional professional that I can highly recommend to anyone. 

Walter D

Digital Transformation Executive | Solution Architect

Financial Services Technology

Lynelle's persistence and commitment was so encouraging and her consistent positive spirit, uplifting and inspiring.  She was easy to work with and was always willing to take time to discuss issues and concerns.

Lily M


Excellent Sessions!!  Will be back to continue on this insightful journey.

Kwaku K

MD | Engineer



Seta Accredited

Leadership, Management & Professional Development Academy