Organisational & Business Development

“When we have KNOWLEDGE it leads to UNDERSTANDING
which leads to more effective ACTION.  
This means that before we do anything we need to KNOW where we are (as an organization) and what is happening.  With KNOWLEDGE it is easier to UNDERSTAND what is going on and why, so any ACTION proposed or undertaken is more effective.”

What is OD


Organisational & Business Development is a long-term effort aimed at improving an organisation's processes to achieve its goals and solve its problems.


Within an organization, the climate develops continuously and dynamically as a result of internal and external events.  It is only with constant evaluation and re-evaluation of structures, management styles, staff attitudes, values and behaviour, and the subsequent implementation of remedies, whether large or small, that survival of an organization is possible.


When internal or external events affects staff performance, SOVEREIGN has the ability to act as an external change agent to help determine what the root causes of the problematic symptoms are, what changes are to be affected to resolve the problem and also to establish what the ideal outcome would be to ensure increased effectiveness for the organization.


The process of change is often met with resistance and might be a cause of distress for some individuals.  SOVEREIGN can assist in helping staff to understand the need for change and also to adapt to the changes in the best possible way. 


Apart from dealing with staff’s resistance to change, SOVEREIGN can also assist management in its Management Development Programs to look at the organisation’s culture, the leadership climate as well as the organisation’s structures, policies and systems of control in order to achieve the most effective organizational system. 


As registered Psychometrists, we can assess :


  • Processes like organisaional communication, corporate climate and culture;

  • Behavioural processes like work alienation, employee engagement, job involvement, burn-out, work stress, organisational commitment, steriotying and prejudice.

  • Characteristics like the organisation's identity, strategic style, internal politics, organisational effectiveness criteria, organisational policies, practices and procedures; and

  • Structures like organisational design, operating models and value disciplines.

At SOVEREIGN, our Organisational Development Consultants are Process Facililators that assist organisations to amend Structures and Processes, design Learning & Development plans for staff and bring about the required Culture, in line with the organisation's strategy. 


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