Running on empty?

So a week or so ago my car ran out of fuel for the first time in my life! Having made it just in time to the narrow shoulder of the M1 near Marlborow Drive, the cars and trucks whizzed passed dangerously close. I pinched my eyes several times at the near misses whilst waiting for roadside assistance to arrive. I took three things away from this incident, and this is it.

Keep your resources in check

I couldn't believe my car actually ran out of fuel! Not me ... I'm always so organised and prepared?! How did this happen? But yes, it happened. And I suspect there are many of you who usually are so prepared, but yet, at times, find themselves running on empty. Your energy levels are low, your mental capacity seems depleted, you can't think, you can't be creative, your health is taking a plunge ... all together you are just not operating at full capacity. With all the demands of life, we easily stay so on-the-go all the time that we neglect to stop in time to 're-fuel'.

It is July. The year is halfway and everything is just go go go, but do you stop sometimes to refuel and mend whatever needs mending in your life? Is this a good time to reflect

Keep your attention on the needle

What do I mean by this? In order to reach your destination, it is important to keep your eye on the dials, including the direction you are travelling. At mid-year, is it perhaps wise to check how on-track you are? Do you need to make some adjustments to get you back on course again? Check your roadmap and adjust your plan if necessary to make sure you end the year on target.

Use your time effectively

So whilst sitting in my car, waiting, I wondered how I was to pass the time, and it struck me ... why not ... a perfect time to catch up on my Duolingo training. A while ago I decided to learn a new language and downloaded this fantastic App onto my phone. I had a choice ... either I stare at the cars passing by, or utilise my time in a more useful way, doing something that served me.

At a time where we are in the middle of all the happenings of the year, perhaps even feeling overwhelmed, look after yourself, keep your focus and use your time effectively.

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